Friday, 22 May 2009

All in a day's work


Me: 'You know that transvestite with the mobility scooter who was in here the other day?'
Asst. manager: 'The one with painted toenails who really looks like a man?'
Me: 'Yep'
Asst. manager: 'Really rude and swore a lot and asked why we couldn't have everything at eye level so it was more accessible to people in wheelchairs?'
Me: 'Probably. I don't remember but it seems likely [picks up local security network newsletter to show picture of aforementioned individual alongside a warning about verbal abuse and using a mobility vehicle in a threatening way]
Asst. manager: 'Oh, no that's a different one.'

What's worrying is the fact that such incidents are so commonplace that they all just roll into one these days (the rudeness and swearing, that is, not the transvestites) - I hardly remember one episode of abuse from another! We had a bit of a giggle when we realised how strange the conversation would have seemed to anyone else.


Byron the afro-filmviewer said...

if there was one thing I hated when I worked in retail it was rudeness. Drives me beyond mad! The fact that all the rudeness is rolling into one for you is scary, but it doesn't look like your stocking up on stress balls yet...which is a good thing.

P.S 1960's projectiles is WAY more fun in modern horror than slasher remakes! ;)

laneender said...

I love the line from your security magazine "using a mobility vehicle in a threatening way". Just made me laugh, but not funny at the time, I presume.

fortheloveofthrift said...

That is a great story!!! Imagine if anyone overheard that! Shame on the rude trannie...