Saturday, 13 June 2009

I'll catch up soon :S

I have so many unwritten posts to update with!

But, in the meantime, here are some things that happened today.

One of the more random things I've found in a handbag: a walnut. Whole in the shell.

And this afternoon one of my older volunteers asked two teenage (15ish) volunteers on Duke of Edinburgh if I was their mum. I was frankly horrified. I am 25! That would make me about 35 minimum. Has the place aged me so much... (Confirmed - later on my new assistant manager, aged 21, went to the bookies to ask for change and they wouldn't serve him because he had no ID. When I went, they didn't even look twice. I'm officially haggard.)


Mango said...

It's interesting that the word 'random' seems to have passed the tipping point from its original meaning of 'selected by chance' to its new meaning of 'odd or surprising'. The first time I remember coming across the new meaning was in the early 90s when I saw the phrase 'I don't know how much more random things can get' quoted as an original and amusing phrase in a review of a night club.

Last week I had my first experience of someone taking the new meaning as the primary one. Referring to a person I had been partnered with in a practical exam, I said I thought it was probably random, my intended meaning being 'selected by chance'. The look of incomprehension I received in response made me realise that the listener had understood the word in its new sense of 'odd or surprising'.

The Charity Shop Fairy said...

I've always considered the new usage to be in line with the old usage... It's a very chance happening to find a walnut in a handbag!